Monday, April 23, 2012

Aklan 2012!

My friend recovered some of the photos from her USB! Too bad the other photosweren't recovered :( Oh well! At least I have some photosto show to you guys!

We arrived at Boracay, Aklan  at dusk so we had dinner after a few minutes of resting on our hotel.

We had shrimp, crab, onion soup, scallops, watermelon and coconut shake. Looking at this photo makes me hungry!

After having our dinner, we roamed around Station 1. After looking around, we watched some fire dancers  on the beach's shore. 

Left to tight: My friends Kei and Dorothy. Me. We can feel the fire's heat on our faces!

After that, we all went to our hotel since we were all tired. In the morning we went parasailing!

We were scared and excited at the same time!

The view from the boat. We were really scared because it was about to rain! 

Look at their faces! This is my favorite picture! My friend Dorothy (right) was about to puke!

After parasailing, we had our breakfast at Yellow Cab. 
Left to Right. Kei, Me, Dorothy's Parents.

Then we ate ice cream for dessert at Fruits In Ice Cream. We all tried their Banoffe ice cream. It was really expensive! It wasn't delicious at all! =(
Banoffee Ice Cream.

After eating, we went back to Kalibo to attend a conference for 3 days. We met new friends from all over the world and experience the love of God in Youth for Christ's 19th International Leader's Conference!

Gifts from Josh our new friend from Singapore!

After that, we went back to Boracay! This time without any adults! We were so thrilled because we felt so independent! But it took as nearly an hour walking around looking for a cheap hotel with our heavy baggages! So much for independence!

The Zorb! There were Hydro Zorb and Harness Zorb. In Hydro Zorb, there's water inside the big ball while you are freely moving inside. In Harness Zorb, you are harnessed inside the big ball and you roll with the ball! Lauren and Kei went for Hydro Zorb while Me and Dorothy went for Harness Zorb. Hydro Zorb was more fun while Harness Zorb was more extreme! 

Lauren and Kei went first. The attendants told us we can lie on our front and let the ball roll on us. We thought it will hurt but we barely felt it at all!

The camera died when it was our turn! All I have to say is that I didn't knew Harness Zorb was that extreme! It was the most extreme experience I felt! I was screaming so loud! The ball was rolling for 10 seconds but it felt like a minute!

My vacation in Aklan was simply amazing! I felt connected with nature. It was the feeling I won't easily get while living in the city with high rise buildings and pollution. There you can breathe in the fresh air.


  1. Thanks for the comment beautiful, your trip looks amazing! I'm following you back :)


  2. Omg I went zorbing before! It's so much fun HAHA, it makes you feel like a little kid again.

  3. ha ha ha,,,i love your funny pics! thanks for your comment! Sure! we can follow each other by blogspot!

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