Friday, April 6, 2012

Summer 2011: Boracay!

We went to Boracay for 4 days last summer. It was the highlight of my summer and I'm going back this Monday! I'm so excited because last time I went, I was with my family. This time, I'm gonna go with my friends from highschool! So before I go, I wanna share with you guys my stay in Boracay last summer!

  Snorkeling. I love the beach's clear blue water. You can see the fishes and corals from the boat!

That's me on the zip-line. It was really fun! I was really nervous to jump because it was so freaking high! I screamed really hard during the fall! I wanna try this again!

My mom rocking her empire waist dress.

I'll be gone for a week and I'm gonna blog about my trip to Bora after my vacation! But my memory card got lost so I can't use my camera!! I hope I find it before the trip so I can post pictures!


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  2. wow the weather is beautiful ! And I adore your dress- now following your blog <3 hope you can stop by and checkout mine sometime !

    sophiemayanne xo

  3. aw boracay looks wonderful!
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